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What the Heck is "The Orchard"

You may have seen some of our social media posts or emails talking about The Orchard and you're wondering what the heck it is. So here it is....

A bit of background. Every month our customers receive a box of 4 brand new items (we never reuse items for our boxes) based on their style quiz. After their first month they are then presented the option to either keep their items (for only $20/ea) or return them to us via the provided mailer.

So awesome right? We are here to support you on your weight journey and our goal is to keep you in the right size at every stage.

But lets say you returned this awesome floral top because in the month you had it you went down a size and keeping it made no sense... That's where The Orchard comes in. Our new second hand shop. Here you will find clothing returned from our boxes in various sizes. Find your lower size for the cute top or maybe find something that catches your eye even more! Each item is $20 and we provide free shipping for orders over $75.

But a quick side note. Apples & Pears is all about our community and supporting every woman. In order to do that we have decided we want to do our part. Each month we will be donating a portion of the returned clothing to a women's charity. We need your help picking the right one. If you would like to help us please shoot us a message via our contact page.

And as always Apples & Pears is in your corner always.

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