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What Does Your 2021 Look Like?

Can you believe 2020 is almost done? 2020 has simultaneously felt like the shortest and longest year ever. As I browse various social media platforms one theme has jumped out. This year has been the year of simply surviving, placing our goals to the side and making it through. Some gals have gained weight, others have left their work out routines behind, and some have neglected their self care. But it's okay. Read it again. It's okay. Show yourself some grace and pick yourself back up.

Luckily 2021 shows a glimmer of hope. As we begin to collectively take a sigh and tentatively take steps back into real life, what do you want your 2021 to look like? Is it to lose 30 pounds? Maybe you want to carve your thighs into a muscular masterpiece. Or maybe it's as simple as reading one new book every month and finding time for yourself. Whatever the case, might I recommend visualizing it.

Hang with me for a minute. One of the most impactful ways I found to hold myself to my goals was with a vision board. I kid you not, it is printed and stuck smack in the middle of my fridge for everyone to see. Take a moment to ask yourself about your why. What are you working towards and why? How will this impact you? How will it impact the people around you? Whittle down your list until you see your vision.

Personally I'm a picture person. My vision board is full of pictures that relate to my goals next year. One of which is to lose another 60 pounds. I'm ready to be at my goal weight and never look back. You guessed it though, I'm going to need those dang in between sizes this year.

Enter Apples & Pears, the in-between size solution that allows women losing weight to stay in the right size at any stage of their weight loss journey. Simple, affordable, and stylish the Apples & Pears box gives you 4 personally styled pieces of clothing each month that you can return the following month for a different size. Our pre-sale is currently open and capped at only 200 gals. Make sure you join our group today and ensure you get the first box in March!

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