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What Come Next

Gosh Apples & Pears has grown from a budding idea to a fully operational business in only 6 months, but the growth doesn't stop there. When I created this company I truly wanted to fill the gap found in clothing and weight loss. As a woman on a weight loss journey I wanted a better solution for staying in a positive mindset and creating lasting change.

So what comes next? With our launch out and enjoyed by women all over the country we have gathered feedback and have created a few new features to our service.


We now ship twice a month. On the 1st and the 15th. We wanted our customers to enjoy their clothes as soon as possible.


We will soon be offering a complimentary zoom consultation prior to the shipping of your first box. We will shop the pieces with you to ensure we have your style right.


You can expect to see the Orchard live in about 3-4 weeks. The Orchard is our answer to your continued ability to hit goals. Every box is filled with brand new clothes each month. When those clothes come back they will either go to The Orchard or be donated to a women's charity. The Orchard will feature lightly loved items for $20 each and allow you to buy the size down/up from a previous box if you choose.


Our Spring photoshoot is going down on Saturday! We will be featuring our ladies from our prior shoot and catching up with their stories.

Anything you want to see from us? Have some feedback? Please send it our way by emailing

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