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The Dream Vs. Real Life

Is this you? You've started a weight loss journey. To get hyped you've followed a handful of weight loss inspiration accounts, you've tossed all the junk in your pantry, and you've started a brand new workout regimen. Life is going to be magical when you lose that first 10 pounds. Perhaps you have even grander plans and are picturing that movie scene where you're walking down the beach in a perfect bikini with toned abs.

Then reality hits. 2 weeks in you step on that scale and @$&@(!^*$#R$ you've only lost 2 pounds. All this work and that's the only pay off? You brush it off and keep going another 2 weeks and it happens again. Only 2 pounds again. Defeat begins creeping in and suddenly those sweet cookies sold by the smiling girls on the corner make their way back to your cabinets. The cycle continues over and over again until we just say screw it and fall back in line with old habits.

Does that sound familiar? I can tell you I've been on that rollercoaster far more than I care to share. But what helped me break that cycle? Realizing the mentality around weight loss is wrong. Girl you are not going to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks, and if you do might I recommend a doctor? Weight loss takes time, sometimes a lot of time. These beautiful Transformation Tuesday pictures we see have taken some of these gals several years! Several years of changing habits, creating consistency, and conquering the nagging voice in the back of their head telling them to reach for the "bad" food.

All this to say, when you embrace weight loss as a lifestyle change and take one step at a time you'll find your success and missteps far more manageable. Our goal at Apples & Pears is to provide you the encouragement to embrace your current stage and feel good about the journey. You can change your size each month with our service, but hey we get it you may get stuck and not lose a single pound and that's okay. Tell us about your current wins. Have you added 10 squats to your routine? Cool we will help you show off those new booty gains. Have you hit a rough spot and feel a bit bloated right now? Not a problem, let us know and we will help you feel comfortable in your clothes.

Think of Apples & Pears as a resource to elevate your clothing game and keep your confidence at an all time high. We will be here to celebrate with you at every stage.

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