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Some of our most frequently asked questions...

Apples & Pears is a clothing subscription unlike anything on the market. We discovered a need for women of any size to have a subscription that works in tandem with their health goals at every stage. By allowing women to return each clothing we are ensuring a sense of confidence at every step of a weight journey, whether that's weight loss, gain or even maintaining. Because we are a new concept on the market questions are abundant and that's okay. To help we've answered some of the most common questions we are asked everyday.

1. Wait, I can wear the clothes each month?

Yep! Our founder and CEO Megan Zarick has been on her own journey and found wearing the wrong size to be incredibly frustrating. On the flipside going from a 24 to a 14 also presented huge financial strain. So now with our subscription box you get 4 pieces each month suited to you from our style quiz that you wear all month long. And yes, you can cut the tags, wash them, and wear them as you please.

2. Okay, but what if I love an item from my box?

Sometimes a piece just speaks to you and we totally get it. Our goal in creating Apples & Pears was to create a financially sustainable option for all gals. So if something has to be yours simply keep it for only $20. We are in the process of building out a more robust ability to see your options and select, but for now that process is manual. When you keep an item you will receive an email confirming your return and the total you will be charged.

3. Cool. So how do I return stuff?

Again our goal is simplicity. In each box you receive you will find a return mailer with pre-paid postage. Simply take this bag to your local USPS location or give it to your postman. Returns are due within 30 days of receiving your next box.

4. I thought I was this size, but when I got my box it didn't fit. Is there anything I can do?

We totally understand that knowing your size while on this journey is very difficult so we offer a size guarantee on every box. Simply chat or email on when you receive your box and we will send a replacement item(s) right away.

5. This item wasn't quite to my style, how can I make sure my next box is more me?

Sometimes we aren't perfect, but we strive to always be better. In each box you will find a paper insert with a QR code on it. This will take you directly to our feedback form. In it we ask you things like size changes, style changes, and general notes about how we can do better.

6. I'm a size ... can I use this service?

At Apples & Pears we work with women sized s-3xl and 2-24.

7. Are the pieces I'm receiving new?

Sometimes yes, but we use both new and lightly loved items in our boxes. Upon receiving returns each piece is carefully scrutinized and held to an incredibly high standard. If a piece no longer meets our criteria it is taken out of circulation.

8. I want to change my style quiz. Can I do that?

Our system is smart. If you retake the quiz at any time with the same name and or email we can match the two and ensure all results are stored in the same location.

9. I think my girlfriend would love this too. Do you have a referral program?

You betcha. When you purchase you are given a unique referral code to share with your network. Any time someone uses your code, you receive 20% off your next box and your friend receives 20% off their first box. We do not have any maximums on redemptions.

10. This month is rough, can I pause my membership?

Life comes first and we believe in flexibility when it comes to our members. With Apples & Pears you can cancel at any time without calling in. Or we can pause your membership for up to 3 months at a time. Simply email or chat in to set that up.

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