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Have you met Sara?

One of our goals at Apples & Pears is to provide women with inspiration as they embark on one of their weight journey. Whether it's a goal to lose weight or a desire to tone and tighten we are here to help keep you in the right size through every stage.

As the New Year begins we are introducing you to four women who are just like you and I. You'll learn more about their why, their goals, and how Apples & Pears has changed their outlook. So without further ado meet Sara.

Sara is a mom of two young children and she tells me...

After reaching 30 years old and having my first child, I found it increasingly hard to lose weight. With less time and even less energy, while raising a toddler I found myself at the heaviest I had ever been.

Now I don't know about you, but personally I've been exactly there. Having babies is hard, it's really hard. Just as hard, the constant barrage of media all around us telling us how quick our bodies have to bounce back, and we have to glow, and a constant pull of this is wrong and this right. No one talks about how your body is 100% different once your bundle of joy arrives. You've likely gained weight, your body shape has changed, and holy moly the hormones! Sara persevered and jumped back into her new version of normal...

I began losing weight when I changed my diet and started working out. Going from 160 pounds to 135 pounds in 7 months was hard enough, but not having my clothes fit properly was one thing I remember bothering me during my journey.

How awesome is that! Losing the first 10 pounds is one of the most satisfying parts of your weight journey. But have you lost that weight only to look in the mirror and sigh. It is so deflating to know how your waist is shrinking, but have your shirt hang in a way that adds the pounds right back on.

Shortly after this, I got pregnant again and found myself right where I was before. Overweight and unhappy. So I now begin the process to work on myself again. Apples & Pears will be a staple on my journey to not only keep me stylish, but also a better, healthier and happier version of myself.

This gives us the warm and fuzzies. This is exactly our goal. At Apples & Pears our mission simply put is you. Sign up for the pre-sale now to get your clothing subscription box with 4 personally styled pieces of clothing. Send it back the next month and receive your next size or highlight your newest muscle gains. Our first boxes ship March 1st!

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