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Pulling Back the Curtain

Understanding how Apples & Pears uses the Style Quiz...


As you may know Apples & Pears has a style quiz that asks questions such as your body shape, sizes, and your goals. Going through the quiz should only take a few minutes, but you may wonder how we use that data.

To start, we don't ever farm your data out. To us data is private and we treat it with respect. Your first question will be about your shape! We ask you if you are an apple, pear, rectangle, or hourglass. This helps us choose exactly what styles work well with your shape. Don't worry....if you are unsure of what to choose send us a chat and ask for help. Our team is available to help you navigate whenever you need.

Next we ask you basics like your sizing. Keep in mind we understand that each brand is different and that some times it is hard to land on the right one. Apples & Pears is on your side here and if the size you choose for your first box is off we will send you a replacement right away. Keep in mind when we ask about the brands we use size charts to help us gauge your best fit.

Your next step is fun. We ask you to choose between two styles of clothing so we can start to style away. Each item has it's own unique flair, from leopard print to leather, to ripped jeans and casual chic. This helps us determine exactly what will make you happy when you open your very first Apples & Pears Box!

Of course we also understand that when someone embarks on a journey to lose weight or gain weight they are probably feeling a smidge self conscious about their body. We want to honor your current status and ask about certain body parts to flaunt and/or hide. Our style quiz also asks about colors, fabrics, and patterns you won't wear to again help us hone in on your unique style.

Finally we ask a few personal details. And no we don't ask for your social so we can scroll through your feed for juicy details. We use this to see examples of your current styles and understand your point of view when it comes to fashion. And again this data is private and will never be released to anyone.

As an Apples & Pears customer you will no longer have to google "what to wear when losing weight" or "how to wear clothes that are too big" or even "cheap clothes for in between sizes". Our service takes the guess work out for you and allows you to confident at every stage of your weight loss or weight gain journey no matter what. We can't wait to work with you!

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