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Our Biggest Takeaways from 2021

Wow we are almost a full week into to 2022 and today we've come together as a company to reflect on the lessons we've learned in 2021. And, boy have we learned a ton. As many of you know we began shipping boxes in March of 2021 and have gone from serving only a handful of women to serving hundreds! It's mind-blowing and humbling.

As we continue to serve the weight loss community and the weight gain community we are looking to move forward with compassion. (Hint...our word of the year is Compassion, and we are gonna talk about it a ton this year...) Our goal this year is to forge ahead with massive growth and still offer the abundant customer service many of you have become accustomed to. We also are taking our missteps and learning from them and creating better policy, higher standards, and an ongoing growth mindset.

So without further ado....our biggest lessons from 2021.

1. Flexibility is key!

We've learned that a new company must flexible and agile to grow with our customer's growing needs. It is interesting to see the parallels between a new company and a weight loss journey. Learning to pivot when adversity hits is hard and takes a long time to learn, and hey I still haven't always mastered it. Some of the ways we've pivoted as a company this year...

- Creating an easier return process via USPS

- Adding a QR code to our box inserts to provide an easier way to provide


- Adjusted our monthly pricing from $75 a month to $49 a month to allow more

women to enjoy our service.

2. Ask for help.

Asking for help is probably one of the most difficult skills I've learned in my life so far. During my own weight loss journey I learned that talking to professionals and friends on a similar path can help add perspective and refresh motivation. As a business owner asking for help has propelled our learning here at a speed I would have never thought possible.

3. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner.

This may sound more ominous than intended, but we say this for a reason. There will be days/weeks/maybe even months that seem bleak with nothing good in sight. But like we said before, you never know what is coming. Mindset is everything. Manifest your goals through your thoughts and actions and remember that the sun will come out. (we know cheesy, but true)

4. Everyone is going through their own situation.

This may seem like a well duh, but listen...sometimes it is hard to approach something with the perspective of patience and and grace. Each journey is completely different and while your problem may be miniscule to you, someone else experiencing something similar may be overwhelmed. As a company we've learned and trained to approach our customer service with this approach and have seen a better interaction between our subscribers and staff.

5. And finally....Health is Wealth.

Many of the women who found their way here have seized the opportunity to retake their health. First we as a company are so proud of you and we love the transformations we've seen so far. You inspire us! Secondly we've vowed to start this company with the human being at the center. That means we shut down for a week after Christmas to take a break! Yep we took a break and we feel refreshed and fueled. This is to say your health is so important. Cherish it and protect it. It is the foundation for a long and satisfying life.

Phew we've learned a lot. We'd love to hear about your lessons learned this year below!

PS......have you seized the opportunity to start a weight loss journey or weight gain journey? Start your Apples & Pears journey in tandem and take $10 off your first box with the code COMPASSION.

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