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Navigating the Holidays During a Weight Journey

Let's talk candidly for a minute. I've been there, you've been there, we've all been there. The holidays come around and the path on your weight journey suddenly is full of bigger and scarier obstacles. Between the festive cocktails and an abundance of delicious seasonal foods you may find yourself grazing and guzzling, but we have some tips and tricks to help keep you on track.


Track, track, track!

There are a ton of great free and paid tracking apps out there. Tracking will give you a full understanding of the calories your consuming as you make your way around the holiday table for the third time. As they say knowledge is power.

Bring a Healthy Dish

If you're like me, you've rarely gone to a holiday get together without something to contribute. Be your own ally and volunteer to bring a healthy appetizer to share.

Fill up a smaller plate

Multiple weight loss companies report that filling up that smaller plate will help trick your brain into thinking its full faster without extra calories. Plus those plates are so much easier to walk and talk with...

Be Mindful of the Nog

Sometimes the spirit will take you, but that doesn't mean you have to be swept away by over indulging. Try drinking a glass of water between drinks or even surprise your guests with a fun mocktail that keeps the alcohol calories at bay.

Green is Good

Fill your plate with the veggies! One of my favorite winter side dishes are roasted brussel sprouts, I love when the leaves get that crispy edge. I will be adding a whole cache of healthy holiday recipes in the coming days.

Enjoy Yourself

Simply said the holidays only come once a year and are meant to be merry. Limit the urge to hyper focus on calorie counting and controlling portions. Don't forget the food is only one piece of the equation. Enjoy time with friends and family (even if it is virtual this year, thanks Covid...). And remember everything in moderation and you will find yourself happy and balanced as we enter the new year.

Happy Holidays from Apples & Pears, the in-between size solution for women on a weight journey. We are looking forward to shipping our first boxes on March 1st!

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