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My Weight Loss Journey

I have always struggled with my weight. Up and down it would go. For the longest time, I was holding steady at a size 14. Then Covid hit and we were all trapped at home. I was doing good with it for a while, but then depression and anxiety showed her ugly face. I am a stress eater. I went from a 14 to a 16. At one point, I was almost at an 18. I said enough. I couldn't wear a lot of my jeans or dresses. I was stuck in yoga pants and oversized shirts to hide.

I actually started using replacement shake and food guides. These have helped me make smarter choices and has cut my cravings down a lot. I also have a lot more energy. This has motivated me to exercise more. I walk for fifteen to thirty minutes three times a week.

It's a slow process, but I've learned that's its better to take my time and learn new habits then to try some crash fad diets. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

A company like apples & Pears gives me a chance to still feel and look pretty while I am working on getting back to my previous sizes. The clothes that were picked for me in my first box are exactly what I would pick for myself. As I am writing this, I am actually wearing the jeans that came with my box. Paired it with a great belt with a giant buckle and a button up blouse. I plan on using Apples & Pears again in the future because the thought that goes into the boxes and the support is something that I have always found lacking on other sites. This company actually cares about their subscribers and that is something to support and be a part of.

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