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Have you seen our New Community?

That's right we have a brand new Facebook Group just for our Apples & Pears ladies. Don't worry we take privacy seriously and this group is private (screening is required to join.)

Think of this new community group as a place to vent. Tell everyone all the crap that is driving you nuts about your journey. Did you plateau? Have you hit a wall and find yourself struggling to move your weights up? Not seeing progress in your photos? We get it and we don't think you should keep it to yourself. There is power in sharing. Our hope is that another woman in the group can share their experience and inspire you to take your journey to the next level.

Think of this community as a place to find inspiration. Do you need to find a meal for Monday night? Want to see a fresh new workout? Our hope is that you can collaborate with our other members to seek that push to give you a fresh take on daily routines.

Think of this community as a place to celebrate. Did you hit your goal weight? Hit a new personal best? Want to show off your transformation? Shout if from the roof tops with our gals!

Check out this link to join!

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