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Apples & Pears, the in-between size solution

You've got some awesome goals to lose 100 pounds, or you just had a baby and want to shed that baby weight, or maybe you've committed yourself to building the booty you've always wanted. Whatever your story, Apples & Pears has your back at every stage of your weight journey.

How to dress while in-between sizes

Traditionally when a woman is in between sizes she has had limited options. Let's start with a woman going from a size 20 to a size 12. First she could update her wardrobe at every size. Conservatively that could be around $2,500 per size! Personally I don't want to invest that amount of money in such a temporary phase. Our imaginary woman could keep her current size and gradually swim in her own clothes. But what about that brand new waist she has been working so hard on? Wearing clothes too big leaves our woman feeling frumpy and unmotivated when she looks in the mirror. Honestly on my own journey I chose the second option. It sucked! I had finally lost inches off my waist, but none of my shirts showed my new curves and I wanted something better.

The solution

I wanted better, so I made something better. Apples & Pears is a women's subscription box designed for those troublesome in-between sizes. Each month receive a box of 4 carefully cultivated pieces of clothing. Wear it, love it, and then return when you receive your next box. Yep you don't have to keep that in-between size. Don't worry though. If you love something in your box, keep it! We charge a flat rate per item. Apples & Pears is your new community to feel embraced and empowered.

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