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Apples & Pears, what makes us different


So you've found us because when you google StitchFix or Wantable you noticed this new service. Guess what....we are 100% different than the traditional subscription boxes out there. We think women deserve more when it comes to clothing. Perhaps you're like the hundreds of women we hear from every struggle with your weight. It fluctuates up and down based on a variety of factors, but none of the clothing subscriptions out there take your changing body into account.

As subscription boxes rise in popularity you'll find dozens upon dozens of options out there. Some traditional models will ask you for a $20+ styling fee and send you 4-7 pieces. Here's where it becomes tricky though.... Those 4-7 items range wildly in price so if you budget it becomes difficult to predict what you'll be able to keep and love.

Apples & Pears is different. Knowing your cost upfront makes it easy for all women to enjoy and of course allows for an affordable solution during a weight journey. Apples & Pears costs only $49 a month and allows you to return used clothing each month for new pieces. Don't worry though, you'll never have to deal with the heartbreak of returning an item if it's true love. If you choose to keep an item it's only $20. So quality clothes, flexible sizing, and oh ya a community aspect too.

That's right. Unique to Apples & Pears we recognized the need for a community piece. With a private Facebook group we allow women to connect and feel supported as they reach their goals. Whether a woman comes to Apples & Pears on a path to lose weight, gain muscle, or even through post-partum path our goal is truly respect their journey and create a nurturing service to move alongside them.

Some of our customers have said the following...

Carla: I just got my first box and OMG I’m in love with everything!!! You hit my style perfectly!! I’m seriously in love with everything and it all FITS!! I can’t pick up four things in a store and they all fit 😂 so I don’t know what kind of wardrobe wizardry y’all have but I like it!

Libi: I’m finding that having Apples & Pears in my tool box is helping me stay motivated, and supported so I can continue this weight loss journey in a judgement free zone. I’m so thankful to have this supportive company to help me on the road to health!

Lindsey: Can I just say, when I put on those clothes... for the first time in a long time I felt proud, confident, and comfortable AND...everything fit amazingly! I do not know how Apples and Pears does it, but I can assure you I will continue to subscribe as I continue forward with my weight loss.

So leave a comment below and tell us your goals and how you plan on using Apples & Pears!

PS....feel inspired to grab your first's okay us too. Use code AUGUST to take 25% off your first box, but be warned we only have a few coupons left.

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