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A New Goal

By now I'm sure you've seen it. Our price has changed! Can you believe Apples & Pears has already been around for 4 months? Us neither.

In our first few months we've gotten to know hundreds of women who find themselves on various points of their weight journey. Unsurprisingly many of these women had a common thread. So many said they found it incredibly frustrating to find clothes that fit as their body changed. It was in these quizzes we knew our service was necessary. Unlike other clothing subscriptions our service focuses on bringing confidence to every woman at every stage of her weight journey.

This revelation set us on a mission. We knew we could create a more inclusive offering that provided more women with the chance to rock their journeys. So starting on July 1st our subscription price lowered. Apples & Pears is now only $49 a month. Our boxes are filled with 4 quality clothing pieces that customers return each month for their next size down or up. With this in mind we also offer a size guarantee. If something you receive is too big or small simply send us an email and we will fix it right questions asked.

So here are a few reasons why you should pair your weight journey with Apples & Pears:

  1. We are here to support you. Not only do we send you clothes, but we offer a community of likeminded women to help provide inspiration, relief, and motivation.

  2. Our boxes are customized to your quiz and style. Each piece is picked based on your needs, color preferences, pattern preferences, and preferred body parts.

  3. Each month we ask for feedback to ensure we are providing you exactly what you want.

  4. Return the clothing each month to ensure no more wasted space in the closet or wasted money on clothing you'll only wear temporarily.

Girl just remember we've got your back and we are thrilled to work with you!

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