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How Apples &

Pears Was Born

Apples & Pears was created when Megan discovered a major disconnect in the clothing and weight loss world. No one addressed the need for a woman to cost effectively look good while losing or gaining weight. Your options were limited to either replacing your wardrobe at every size or live with oversized clothing until you reached your goal.

Apples & Pears delivers a new alternative. Wear your current size no matter what with our clothing subscription box. Apples & Pears personally picks four pieces of clothing each month for our subscribers. Each subsequent month our subscribers then send back the clothing for their new size. 

Apples & Pears is designed to empower women at every stage of their journey. Every body is beautiful and should be celebrated!

About Our


Hi! I'm Megan and the founder of Apples & Pears. My journey to this moment has been probably like many of yours. In a snapshot I can't remember a time in my adult life when I wasn't overweight and unhappy with my body image. It was after my daughter was born that I decided enough was enough and lost 60 lbs. While 60 pounds in itself is a huge accomplishment, I want more. This posed the issue of a brand new wardrobe. On this weight journey I shrank multiple sizes. I didn't want to spend too much on extra clothes. Instead, I rocked my oversized clothes and dreaded looking in the mirror. As I got stronger the goofier my clothes looked on my body. Nothing showed off the hard work I put in. I founded Apples & Pears to help prevent that feeling and to empower women to feel confident at every stage of their journey.


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