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Apples & Pears 

How it Works

  • Check out the FIRST and ONLY clothing subscription for women on a weight loss journey or weight gain journey.                                                                                    

  • Take our comprehensive style quiz. It should only take you a couple of minutes. This gives us a clear picture of your goals and desires. Our goal is to make you feel fabulous!

  • Sign Up for your Box. Our boxes are $49 a month and includes 4 personally picked pieces based on the results of your style quiz!                                                         

  • Our boxes ship Every Friday! 

  • When your clothes arrive. ENJOY THEM! Wear them and show them off. Hey even tag us on social media (we wanna see!).                                                                            

  • Next month you will receive a return mailer, send back your clothes and tell us of any changes to your size or body. (You don't have to change size.)

  • If you get your return mailer and feel a pit of sadness in your gut knowing that leather skirt is going away, turn that frown upside down. You can keep your piece for a $20 fee.


  • Continue to enjoy our service and tell your friends!

* Finished your journey, but love our clothes. (We do too!) Shop The Orchard. You will find the pieces you loved from past boxes in various sizes. Each item is lightly loved and prices are listed. *

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