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Apples & Pears

the solution for the

in between sizes


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Who we are

Apples & Pears was born from the need for well fitting clothing during a weight journey. Whether or not you want to lose weight or gain it, our goal is to empower you at every stage of your journey. 


We allow you to change your size and clothing preferences each month while returning the previous month. No more "fat" clothes, no more yo-yoing through various sizes, and no more over investing in temporary clothing. 


Our mission is to keep you feeling confident in your clothes at every stage of your journey. 

Our Process

  • Subscribe and complete the style quiz in your member profile.

  • First box ships on the 1st of each month.

  • Receive 4 personally styled pieces of clothing on your doorstep.

  • Return your clothes with the return mailer found in your next box. 

  • Share your story with us!

*Want to keep your clothes? You can purchase them too!*

How it Works


Subscribe for $49 a month and receive four personally picked items of clothing.


Enjoy your clothing for a month and send it back with the return mailer found in your next box.


Tell us about your body's changes and let us know if you need a new size. We are here to help you.


Share your progress with us! We want to give you the props you deserve.

Apples & Pears understands the struggle of finding weight loss clothes or finding that perfect fit while you gain muscle. We will have you looking sharp at every in-between size no matter how long your journey.

Why Apples

& Pears?

Apples & Pears is unique in allowing women to exchange their clothing each month. The next month you can keep the same size or move up or down based on your weight loss or weight gain. We take those used clothes and offer them second hand in The Orchard or donate them to women in need.

What Makes

Us Different